Scoring IHControls

Bead HER-2 3+ ImageStrong Staining

Rim staining + : The majority of microbeads have accentuated rim staining. Compare the rim staining to the rims of unstained microbeads to appreciate the accentuation.

Central staining + : The majority of microbead centers are stained.

Helpful tip: The strongly stained microbeads are (on average) of equal or greater color intensity to the smaller color standard microbeads.



Bead HER-2 2+ ImageModerate Staining

Rim staining +, but weaker: Rim staining is present, but less intensely. Rim staining can be appreciated by comparing to unstained microbeads.

Central staining +/- : The centers of many microbeads are tinted brown, but often not uniformly throughout the microbead interior.

Helpful tip: The moderately stained microbeads are of a mildly-moderately weaker intensity than the small color control microbeads.



Bead HER-2 1+ ImageWeak Staining

Rim staining +/-: is barely detectable, which distinguishes stained microbeads from unstained beads.

Central staining –: The microbead interior appears washed out, without appreciable staining.

Helpful tip: The weakly stained microbeads are distinguishable from unstained microbeads, but the difference is subtle.